mercredi 15 septembre 2010

Google CP Solver is available!

This is my first scoop!
You can find the source code of the Google CP solver at this address
you can checkout a read only copy anonymously over HTTP:

svn checkout or-tools-read-only
If you want to be informed about the future development dont' forget to become a member of the or-tools group:

Now, you can ask for a review :-) or better tell me what you think (not discuss about the fact that you were already aware of this project)

6 commentaires:

  1. Indeed, I am very interested by feedbacks!

    Thanks Jean-Charles for the post.

  2. Well, interesting... I am glad you've decided to open source this. I will definitely take a look.
    Do you know if anybody is working on Java and/or .NET bindings for it? In the Java world, there is a JSR effort on standardizing the interface of CP tools to the Java environment. No such effort exists - that I know of - in the .NET work, but well, the Java implementation could be probably trivially ported.

  3. Thanks.
    The code has just been released. We have already a Python binding using SWIG. We will release a Java binding soon. I hope .NET is not that different when using SWIG.

  4. A comparison with, for instance, NumberJack/Mistral (whether through their respective python bindings or directly in C++) would be verrrrry nice...

    - richesse/simplicité de l'API
    - heuristiques/contraintes globales disponibles
    - efficacité
    - ...

  5. Hmmm, sorry for the mixed language ;)

    - richness/simplicity of the API
    - available heuristics, available global constraints
    - efficiency
    - ...


  6. Would be good if this worked with google docs spreadsheet, a bit like the tool at works with excel. It is a perfect cloud computing tool, as optimizers can compete in the cloud.