mardi 7 juin 2011

Cloud and iCloud

I am currently more and more involved in cloud computing management. Mainly because I am member of the Aeolus ANR project (see The university for which I work, has also just hired Fabien Hermenier who comes from Ecole des Mines de Nantes and who was one of the developer of the Entropy system. Fabien has some very interesting problems of cloud management and he modeled some of them by using CP.  I hope to show that CP is a really efficient technique for solving these problems, mainly because it can easily integrate new additional constraints.

At the same time, Steve Jobs presented iCloud. I think this is really a revolution in cloud computing or maybe a revolution in marketing. Here is his idea: if you have musics on your computer that you bought from iTunes, now you will be able to access to this music from the iTunes music store! Great you still have the right to use what you paid for. But the true revolution of iCloud is the following: if you have some musics on your computer that you didn't buy from itunes (for instance you ripped a CD) then you will be able to access to this music from the iTunes music store for only $25 a year! They call this iCloud and as you can see on this slide

you have no longer to wait for the long upload like with Google or Amazon! In fact, they just need to upload the MP3 Tag! That's a new way to see cloud computing. Apple need just to know your MP3 Tags and upload them : how many lines of code for doing that ? 100 ? That's a revolution.
At the same they avoid a lot of problem like memory consumption, time transfer and so on... Note that they still need minutes for your MP3 tag.

In addition you buy one more time your music...

For sure, iCloud is different...

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