dimanche 15 janvier 2012

Scampi Solver

We just released our modest open-source scala library called Scampi to solve OR problems (currently CP, MIP, Derivative Free Optimization, Discrete Event Simulation):
Maybe you'll find it useful, maybe not but for us it was a way to promote Scala (a very nice language) and Operations Research.
Thank you to all the people from n-Side who have contributed or gave us some time to develop on Scampi and our two interns of this summer Cyrille Dejemeppe (UCL) who worked on the derivative free optimization package and Hrayr Kostanyan (ULB) who contributed on the linear programming package. We hope more documentation will come soon and please already accept our apologies for the bugs you may encounter if you try to use it.

2 commentaires:

  1. Congratulations!

    Just one question: How did you manage to convince the management at n-Side to release this under the LGPL Open source licence? this sounds logical for me (external contribution, publicity, trustworthiness, etc) but it might not look logical in the eye of everyone.


  2. We didn't have to convince them, they were already convinced of the benefits of open-sourcing ;-)