mercredi 16 janvier 2013

CP2013 in Sweden

CP (the oldest and most famous conference of the field) will take place in Sweden this year.
It doesn’t surprise me since they have very good research teams working on CP there (with some Belgians as well ;-)): (ASTRA groupKTH, SICS)
Sweden has also a very good CP blogger aka  Hakank (I hope the conference will invite him because he does a lot for CP advertisement on the Web).
Sweden is also one of the countries visiting most frequently our blog (top ten = Australia,Belgium,Canada,France,Germany,Sweden,Netherlands,Russia, UK,US).

Don’t miss the deadline: April 17, 2013 for abstract submission.
As it is has been the case since for a few years now, CP also encourage submitting papers related to applications.
More info and call for application here:

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